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We provides the best features that others are dreamed to have.


We have a 100% commitment to making all our models the best they can possibly be, no matter what it takes to get there.


High performance with Max Speed of upto 30 kmph and can cover a distance of 35 - 45 kms/charge with a great pickup at any moment.(*varies with load )

Pedal Assistant

An unique feature that haven't seen before. This provides an boosting for the cycle while pedaling to provide an extra distance coverage of upto 10 kms/charge.

Smart Controller

An unique way of controlling the bike riding experience with smart controller that provides safety to the rider at critical conditions.

Anti Theft

Bikes are always having the treat of stolen.But with the Anti-Lost feature the rider will be notified when anyone tries to steal the bike.

Removable Battery

We introduced a feature that overcome the circumstances faced by a user to charge an bike. As the user staying at appartments can't take the bike to the flat for charging.

Heavy Duty

Our models can withstand heavy loads ( up to 100kgs ) to provide an oppurtunity for all age group people to have the fun of riding a bike.(*varies with model)

Smart Charger

To safe guard the batteries from damage caused due to over charging, we made this feature which will adjust the power supply based on battery condition.


A healthy and safe environment for everyone in hope of a pollution-free and eco-friendly environment for the future generation.









We're a team that adore what we do

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Our Vision

The vision of Volt e bikes

We truly believe in the transformative power and their ability to simplify life, elevate experiences, engage and inspire people everywhere. Good thoughts and good relationships come from collaboration. We're excited to start a visual dialogue, learn about you, and make something beautiful together.

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What special about VOLT E BYK

Environment is nothing but the circumstances or objects or conditions surrounded by us. Everything is interrelated to environment in a direct or indirect way. As we are all having the responsibility to provide a better environment to our future generations, let's try to save the environment.

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